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Helped WuXi AppTec return to A-share and issue at 50x PE in March 2018
2018-03-24 10:00:00

Among the global CRO companies, WuXi AppTec once entered the top ten list, and not only its business development model is very good, but also its capital operation is very powerful, and it was once recognised as the benchmark of our domestic pharmaceutical industry field. However, because of the previous difference in the market value estimation between the A-share and the US-share, WuXi AppTec planned to delist from the US-share and return to the A-share in 2018. In this capital operation process, Paragon Capital provided precise investment advisory services to help WuXi AppTec complete all the preparations for its return to the A-share market.
As a unicorn in the domestic pharmaceutical industry, WuXi AppTec was formally issued in A-shares in May 2018 at a price of 21.60 yuan/share, and then listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December of the same year at a price of 68 yuan/share, which enabled WuXi AppTec to realise the capital model of splitting into three in the capital market, and formally completed all the layouts in the capital market. After the return of WuXi AppTec to the A-share market, the company's performance and market value is also rising rapidly, some institutions estimate that the market value of WuXi AppTec after the return of more than twenty times, which is undoubtedly a great affirmation of its own development. However, from the perspective of WuXi AppTec's capitalisation path, in addition to its own efforts, the reasonable operation of Paragon Capital is very crucial to the development of WuXi AppTec, and after the layout of the A-share, Hong Kong stock market and the new three boards, WuXi AppTec will go further and further on the road of capitalisation, which needs to be built on the basis of the long-term strategic cooperative relationship with Paragon Capital, so as to stabilise its position as a unicorn in the pharmaceutical industry. The road to capitalisation for WuXi AppTec.
The success of WuXi AppTec's capitalisation could not have been achieved without the help of Parsons Brinckerhoff, and the development of Parsons Brinckerhoff could not have been achieved without the efforts of major start-ups. As a global venture capital management company, Nantong Shen, CEO of Parsons Brinckerhoff, focuses on the development of early-stage and growth-stage companies in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors, and has established long-term strategic partnerships with many domestic and international companies, such as Tiger International, Hausen Pharmaceuticals, MSD, and Sequoia Capital, among others. The success of WuXi AppTec's return to the A-share market this time is also a demonstration of Parsons Brinckerhoff's unique vision and strong strength, which is due to the fact that Parsons Brinckerhoff's management team itself possesses very managerial technical knowledge and management knowledge. For example, the CEO of Pioneer Capital has obtained an MBA from Oxford University and a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Bern, Switzerland, which is why Pioneer Capital is able to comprehensively assess the potential risks in the field of biomanufacturing, and help startups with dreams and strengths to flourish.
 "Helping startups and empowering listed companies" is what Parsons Brinckerhoff has been doing for a long time. Nowadays, the world is experiencing a great change that has not been seen in a hundred years, and the operation rules and development prospects of the financial capital market are also becoming more and more complicated. In order to seize the first opportunity in the future development, not only do we need the technical support of risk management enterprises, but also the intervention of capital is also very important. Therefore, if you want to continue to develop in the highly competitive biopharmaceutical market, the help of Parsons Brinckerhoff is a good way to go. PacifiCap will continue to improve its own management technology, provide support for many good projects, and help you realise your dreams and achieve a better life.