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KSCC Distributed Computing Public Blockchain Testnet Set to Launch, KSCC Token Officially Released
2024-04-20 10:00:00

After extensive preparation and technical development, the distributed computing public blockchain project, codenamed “SCC,” has officially been renamed “KSCC” (King Of Supercomputer Core Chain), with its token, KSCC, also being released. The upcoming launch of the testnet marks a significant step for KSCC in building a borderless computing ecosystem.
The official naming of the “SCC” project as KSCC not only reflects its leading position in the high-performance computing field but also indicates the project’s commitment to providing a superior computing service experience for global users. Through the KSCC public blockchain, users will enjoy more efficient, fairer, and more transparent shared computing resource services, accelerating the development of scientific research and business analytics.
As a crucial component of the KSCC public blockchain, the KSCC token will play a key role within the blockchain’s ecosystem. Users holding KSCC tokens will be able to participate in the governance and incentive system of the public blockchain, collectively promoting the development of KSCC. Additionally, the KSCC token will serve as an important means of payment for various computing tasks and services on the blockchain, offering users a more convenient and efficient computing service experience.
With the testnet’s imminent launch, the KSCC public blockchain is entering its practical phase. The testnet will provide users with a realistic simulated environment to experience firsthand the functionalities and performance of the KSCC public blockchain. Through the operation and feedback of the testnet, the KSCC team will continuously optimize the performance and user experience of the public blockchain, thoroughly preparing for the official launch of the mainnet.
The founding team of the KSCC project has stated that they will continue to uphold the principles of openness, transparency, and interoperability, working together with global partners to promote the application and expansion of the KSCC public blockchain worldwide. They believe that through the construction and development of the KSCC public blockchain, they will be able to bring higher quality and more efficient computing services to global users, propelling the comprehensive arrival of the digital age.