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VSTE is expanding on its global business layout, with the potential for new growth in the sports arbitrage betting industry
2020-09-24 10:00:00

This year, the epidemic has impacted major financial industries worldwide to varying degrees. In March, panic selling by investors triggered by the epidemic caused the US stock market to experience its largest single-day decline since 1987. In this environment, the stock prices of major bookmaker companies were also affected. However, some online bookmaker companies experienced explosive growth due to populations quarantining at home. The global market for arbitrage betting has also begun to buck the trend. This year, the VSTE team, which has been deeply involved in arbitrage betting technology, began to exert its heft in the arbitrage betting global market. VSTE has started to lay out its global business operations and provide proxy fund investment services for global institutions. Its goal is to act as a bridge between investment institutions and arbitrage betting studios to facilitate cooperation and promote mutual benefit and win-win outcomes for all parties involved.

◎ “Pre-planned”, creating an ecological closed loop for sports arbitrage betting
2020 was a unique year for the global sports industry. It was originally defined as a “sports year” due to large-scale events such as the Tokyo Olympics and the UEFA Euro Cup. However, the sudden epidemic plunged the global sports industry into its darkest moment. Due to lockdown measures and travel restrictions adopted by various governments, the offline sports betting industry also experienced a chilling effect whilst US offline betting venues were forced to close. According to statistics, as of the end of April, 987 of the 989 registered betting venues in the United States had closed, this had a knockoff effect and boosted the growth of arbitrage betting. According to French media reports, online sports betting in France achieved a “historic achievement” this year with an annual turnover increase of 22%, reaching 1.74 billion euros. However, VSTE’s global business layout did not begin only in this year, VSTE had “pre-planned” for its global business layout in the sports arbitrage betting industry. The Arbitrage Betting Global Development Survey Report indicated that since 2019, the VSTE team has gradually screened for 300 of the most professional betting studios from among the 1,700 arbitrage studios it serves. These studios have become VSTE’s exclusive betting centers and have cooperated with customers in arbitrage betting. At present, VSTE’s betting centers has become one of the largest professional teams in the global sports arbitrage betting industry. The successful implementation of the betting centers has also established VSTE’s current leading position in the sports arbitrage betting industry.

◎ “Precise prediction”, driving industry expansion
“Integrating global sports arbitrage betting resources and helping all arbitrage betting players and teams form an industry ecological closed loop” is just the first step in VSTE’s global strategy. VSTE begins by analyzing market entry and competition conditions from the different development process of global arbitrage betting and combines changes in characteristics of major bookmaking platform systems to infer development trends for arbitrage betting globally. From multi-dimensional and three-dimensional research, VSTE demonstrated that the sports arbitrage betting industry is developing from small batches with multiple single times and irregular operation models towards personalized, standardized, batched and scaled models. Based on this analysis, VSTE’s team chose to continue expanding by utilizing innovative technology to drive industry development upgrades and increase global user growth rates. VSTE quickly established a presence in various markets by establishing multi-dimensional arbitrage betting models to cater to different types of customers from different institutions. At present, VSTE’s service team is distributed in offices around the world such as the UK, Malta, Singapore and Philippines to provide fast, compliant and stable sports arbitrage betting services for global users.

◎ “Ambitious”, launching another “investment dream”
“Ambitious”, “fearlessness” and “adept at challenges” are three phrases that best describe VSTE’s team. Unlike many “one-off” services available on the market, VSTE’s team uses technology models far beyond industry standards and also in-depth knowledge of the sports arbitrage betting industry and powerful industry resources as auxiliary support for core services in order to build a complete “sure win” arbitrage strategy for customers. There is no doubt that the “golden age” for the sports arbitrage betting industry has arrived, this opportunity is led by countless arbitrage practitioners leveraging on the booming development of the global sports market, and the continuous growth of the sports arbitrage betting industry can’t be stopped even in the face of uncertainty in the international landscape, the epidemic or turbulence in the sports betting industry. With the rapid development of the global market for arbitrage betting, the sports arbitrage betting industry also faces new challenges such as unequal technical foundation within the industry and insufficient systematic rules for the industry. This will all become obstacles to true globalization of sports arbitrage betting, and VSTE’s global market strategy layout is focused precisely at breaking the shackles within the industry and the leading of the sports arbitrage betting industry towards transparency and popularity.
In the ever-changing sports arbitrage betting industry, VSTE’s global business layout is also constantly evolving and continues to expand its services to different places, while also “revaluing” the team’s value in order to promote growth. The success enjoyed by VSTE’s global business layout proves that the global sports arbitrage betting industry still has lots of room left for development, and this potential needs to be continuously developed by a forward-looking team like VSTE in order to further promote the continued growth of the sports betting industry.